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Humanitarian Delivery Flight To Bangladesh - 2014

With the support of many donors, employees at Boeing, volunteers in Bangladesh, SpaandanB has been able to complete the distribution of relief materials carried on board two new aircrafts of Biman Bangladesh as part of the Humanitarian Delivery Flight program of Boeing. The flights reached Bangladesh on March 24th. 326 boxes of donated materials, weighing about 10,220 lbs, which included “Artifical Limb”, Kids toys and lightly used dresses for Men and Women, were sent to Bangladesh. SpaandanB officials, with the help of volunteers and partners, quickly cleared the items from customs and dispatched them to various distribution centers throughout Bangladesh.

Artificial Limb kits were donated by Limbs International Inc., a company head-quartered at El Paso, Texas. These kits were delivered to Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) at Savar, Bangladesh. Toys and kids clothes were distributed at various SpaandanB operated schools for education for kids living in slums. Also, they were distributed to Ashic Foundation, an organization to provide treatment for childhood cancer, and Dhaka Medical College Pediatric unit. Remaining boxes were distributed at various places in Dinajpur, Bogra, Rangpur, Kurigram and Natore.

Please look at HDF 2014 Photo Album .

The following table shows the distribution details -

Original Appeal:

SpaandanB is pleased to announce that with collaboration of Boeing Bangladeshi employees, another opportunity has come to send help materials from United Sates to Bangladesh. As part of the “Humanitarian Delivery Flight Program”, Boeing authority has gracefully permitted us to ship help material on board the delivery flights of two Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts for Biman Bangladesh. The flights will leave in mid March of 2014. All the materials need to reach Washington collection center by March 7, 2014.

We are urging you to step forward to make best use of this opportunity by donating your used clothes for the cold-stricken disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. Once the materials will reach Bangladesh SpaandanB Bangladesh Office will take the responsibility of distributing it among the beneficiaries. We did similar events successfully in 2011 and in 2012. Click 2011 Event or 2012 Event for details of the past events. For a summary video of 2011 event, please click here.

Things Accepted For Donation :

  1. Saris, Salwar-Kamij, Fatua, sweaters for women
  2. Any type of children clothing (Shirts, Pants, Tops etc.)
  3. Kids small toys (Stuffed animals, Non-battery operated toys)
  4. Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets, T-shirts for men (size Medium or smaller only)
  5. Blankets, comforters, bed sheets
Please make sure that donated items are in good condition and properly cleaned. Please do not donate any over-sized item.

To expedite the collection process, there will be local drives in San Francisco Bay area, Seattle, Oregon, Virginia, Phoenix, Dallas and Los Angeles. The local coordinators will organize the collection process in their respective area. As we get information from them, we will update this web site.

Collection Centers For Drop-Off :

  • San Francisco Bay Area, California:

    On March 1, Saturday, a collection center will be set up at "2001 Gammell Brown Place, Santa Clara, CA 95050", run by SpaandanB Central. You can drop off your donation anytime between 12 noon to 4pm. You don't need to box the materials. There will be volunteers to pack it for you. We will appreciate if you make a small donation ($10) to cover for the packaging and transportation cost (to Washington).

    You can contact the following people if you want to make any special drop-off arrangement.

    • 2001 Gammell Brown Place, Santa Clara, CA 95050.
      Contact Iqbal Yousuf at 408-836-4534
    • 29885 Bello View Place, Hayward, CA 94544.
      Contact Fairooz Samira (Shoma) at 510-396-9657
    • 3297 Montecito Drive, San Jose, CA 95135.
      Contact Rahima Mohammed at 408-398-4349
    • 10930 Miramonte Road, Cupertino, CA 95014
      Contact Ahmed Badrul Hasan at 408-517-0484
    • 914 Arrowtail Terrace, Fremont, CA 94536
      Contact Sharmin Hossainy at 650-906-3839

Information for Collection Center Coordinators :

Address of Shipment to Washington

Afroz Kadir, 2631 145th ST SW, Lynnwood, WA-98087. Tel: 316-210-2593

Date by when your donation should reach Washington

March 8, 2014

Box Information

  1. Box weight should not exceed 40lbs
  2. Box Height should not exceed 48 inch
  3. Please put a clearly visible serial number on all your boxes.
  4. Please try to sort the materials in "winter clothes", "Sari-Salwar-Kamij", "children clothes", "toys", "school-supplies" etc and try not to mix these types in the same box. It will be greatly appreciated if you put a sticker on the box describing the type of materials inside. This will immensely help the sorting process in Bangladesh.
  5. Please keep a tally of how many boxes you shipped and which box contains what type of materials. You need to email this information to once you make the shipment to Washington.

Helpful Information

For surface mail rates, following sites can become handy

  • Busfreighter (approximately $17/box, good for bulk amount)
  • Greyhound (approximately $17/box)
  • USPS (approximately $27-$33/box)
  • AmTrak (for bulk amount)
    500lb limit on a specific point-to-point delivery. Max box size allowed is 3ftx3ftx3ft. Total cost ~$260 for 500lbs.
  • Oak Harbor Freight Line (good for bulk amount, average price $0.50/lb). They do business in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.
Boxes can be purchased from -
  • Home Deport size = (18" x 18" x 24") and price = $1.36/box
  • Office Deport size = (20" x 13" x 12")

For any further information, please contact spaandanb at