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Last Updated : April 5, 2020




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Help Fight Cororna In Bangladesh

The deadly Corona Virus has wreaked havoc worldwide. The statistics are staggering: Over 31,000 deaths, over 700,000 infected worldwide, and all numbers are on an exponential rise in some countries. US alone has over 100,000 individuals contracted the disease (as of March 28, 2020).

The scourge of COV-19 is fast engulfing Bangladesh and the country’s overall state of preparedness seems inadequate at best. Past few days have seen a flurry of awareness activities in social media outlets and official postings. A significant number of organizations have stepped up and mobilized their respective resources to combat the disease.

SpaandanB team, too, has been diligently conducting field research to identify, evaluate, and impact critical need areas in the event of an outbreak—- which is all but imminent. Based on our assessment, we’ve concluded to deploy SpaandanB resources in TWO areas:

  • Direct financial support to safeguard all SpaandanB school students and their families: A holistic support package for all 5 SpaandanB school students. It includes: Food, shelter, medicine, and other daily expenses for students and their families, as needed.

  • Critical Supplies for Medical Professionals: SpaandanB joins hand with Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) to address the acute scarcity of PPE for the healthcare providers. SpaandanB targets to fund at least 1000 PPE. DMCH will obtain and distribute the PPEs to hospitals at different locations on the basis of need.

Dear esteemed SpaandanB well wishers,
The task ahead is monumental and our resources are limited. But together we’ll rise to the occasion, resilient and unfazed —- as we had in the past. Humanity and compassion, aided by knowledge and diligence, will prevail ——- this time, every time, as many times as it takes! May Allah be with us.

How Can You Help :

You can donate online using your PayPal account or Credit Card
You can mail a check payable to SpaandanB at -
SpaandanB, P.O. Box 64183, Sunnyvale, CA 94088 U.S.A.
write "Corona Aid" in the memo section

In Bangladesh :

If you want to donate in Bangladesh, you can send your donation to -
United Commercial Bank Limited, Mohammadpur Branch, 14/12 Block, A, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Account No: CA 0502101000003204

or you can contact SpaandanB officials at
Masih-ur Rahman, Country Director, 880-1713385398
Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Deputy Country Director, 880-1711824701
Mostafizur Rahman, Project Co-ordinator, 880-1713036360