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Last Updated : Nov 19, 2019

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Help The Victims Of Hurricane Bulbul

Hurricane Bulbul (Tropical Cyclone) made landfall on November 10, 2019 (Saturday) and caused severe damage to the coastal areas of Bangladesh and India. More than 10 people were reported dead and more than 2 million were evacuated. Due to fast evacuation, death toll is kept at a low number, but it devastated many houses and infra-structures.

SpaandanB has started an initiative to provide emergency and rehabilitation support to limited number of families living in the villages of Jitendra Nagar, Par Shekhaliu, Mir Gong, Ber Vet KHali, Chuni Kuri, Hetalkhali of Munshigong Upozilla, Shatkhira district. We have a local volunteer who has already provided similar help to the villagers during previous cyclones (Sidr), and are ready to carry out the relief effort this time also.

We are planning to provide food packages to families to sustain the difficult time. Each package will contain Rice,Potatao,Vegetable Oil,Lentil,Salt,Dry Food,Saline & Sugar and will cost around $15. One warm blanket will cost around $10. Later on, we are planning to provide construction material (Tin bundle, Bamboo, etc) to the families to rebuild their houses. Each house will take around $200.

We urge you to step forward and donate generously to support as many families as we can.

How Can You Help :

You can donate online using your PayPal account or Credit Card
You can mail a check payable to SpaandanB at -
SpaandanB, P.O. Box 64183, Sunnyvale, CA 94088 U.S.A.
write "Hurricane Bulbul 2019" in the memo section

In Bangladesh :

If you want to donate in Bangladesh, you can send your donation to -
United Commercial Bank Limited, Mohammadpur Branch, 14/12 Block, A, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Account No: CA 0502101000003204

or you can contact SpaandanB officials at
Masih-ur Rahman, Country Director, 880-1713385398
Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Deputy Country Director, 880-1711824701
Mostafizur Rahman, Project Co-ordinator, 880-1713036360