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Last Updated : May 20, 2020




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Donate Your Zakat For Underprivileged Children

Dear SpaandanB Patrons and Well-wishers,

Ramadan Mubarak. Once again we have the opportunity to share the blessings of the holy month of Ramadan. This is the month of giving - "As the best charity is that given in Ramadan (Tirmidhi)."

With the rampant rampage of COVID-19, the world is going through a very difficult time. People with low income or with no permanent shelter are going through an especially hard time. Of all the sufferings of mankind, the sufferings of disadvantaged children have reached a new height. Please make a lasting difference in the lives of the underprivileged children of Bangladesh and donate your zakat for them.
This year your donated Zakat fund will not only ensure Wholesome Education for underprivileged children of Urban Dhaka, but also keep them healthy and well-nourished.

  • Sponsor a SpaandanB school $36,000/year
  • Sponsor 100 students - $12000/year
  • Sponsor 10 students - $1200/year
  • Sponsor one student - $120/year

Read More about SpaandanB schools here

If you have any question regrading how your Zakat money will be spent or any other related queries, please feel free to contact our Zakat advisory committee at

Please donate your Zakat and Sadaqa for the underprivileged children's education in Dhaka, Bangladesh and may the spirit of Ramadan bring peace and happiness to all.

How Can You Help :

You can donate online using your PayPal account or Credit Card
You can mail a check payable to SpaandanB at -
SpaandanB, P.O. Box 64183, Sunnyvale, CA 94088 U.S.A.
write "Zakat" in the memo section

In Bangladesh :

If you want to donate in Bangladesh, you can send your donation to -
United Commercial Bank Limited, Mohammadpur Branch, 14/12 Block, A, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Account No: CA 0502101000003204

or you can contact SpaandanB officials at
Masih-ur Rahman, Country Director, 880-1713385398
Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Deputy Country Director, 880-1711824701
Mostafizur Rahman, Project Co-ordinator, 880-1713036360