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Who we are and what we do:

SpaandanB is a nonprofit organization listed under section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and incorporated in the State of California of the United States of America. It is head-quartered in San Francisco Bay Area. SpaandanB (pronounced spon-don bee) is dedicated to better the lives of the less advantaged people in Bangladesh. SpaandanB initiates and implements projects in the area of establishment of education, remedy for health needs, and promotion of sustained subsistence. The organization sprouted from the vision of a handful of expatriate Bangladeshi in year 1998 and has since grown manifold in size and scope. The projects and operations of SpaandanB are funded by conscionable and generous donors from all over the world. Expatriate Bangladeshis living in the USA constitute a major portion of the donors.

SpaandanB helps the under-privileged people regardless of their religion, color, age, disability or sex. Its donors do not receive any goods or services in return of their contributions.

Bangladesh is in passage through some trying times. Economic hardships loom large and the common mass is under siege. For so many, for so long, life had stalled, future became null, and a generation looked bleak. It is their untold story that we narrate to all our respected and generous donors- a story not always of profound misery, but sometimes of utmost hope, worthy accomplishments, and sheer will and grit to win. We believed it is our moral responsibility, and not merely a tender call of charity, to act on their behalf and in their cause and act with passion, conviction, and strength. But we cant act alone without creating an active partnership among SpaandanB, the donors, and the beneficiaries. Together, with creativity of thoughts and tenacity in action, we can hold the line and beat back the iron clasp of poverty and haplessness.

Our lives mimic a vivid tapestry of unanticipated events; some are glorious yet some are sobering. We can touch one life at a time. For the world that one life may just beone, but for the one it may just mean the world. Yes we can!

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our donors who remained the patient and potent partners throughout the ebb and flow of all these years.

Our Vision:

"Build a better Bangladesh through changes in quality of life of the less advantaged."

Our Mission:

The mission of SpaandanB is to bring forth fundamental socio-economic change in the lives of the less advantaged people of Bangladesh by addressing the needs in the three major areas:

Establishment of education :

Support less advantaged academic and vocational merits to achieve excellence and advancement of education system in Bangladesh.

Generate awareness in dormant aptitude and success potential.

Remedy for health needs:

Make basic health services available to disadvantaged people.

Support advancement of medical service infrastructure in Bangladesh.

Promotion of sustained subsistence:

Provide income generation opportunities among the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.

Provide food, medical, shelter and rehabilitation support to distressed humanity during time of emergency.

Mode of Operation:

Strategic and tactical aspects of all project operations and activities within SpaandanB are decided by an Executive Committee (EC). The founding members and individuals chosen by the founding members constitute the initial executive committee. All memebers of the EC are volunteers. EC appoints a country director in Bangladesh who headsa local office and manages all activities inside Bangladesh. The administration office of SpaandanB in USA is made up of President, General Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected bi-annually by the EC members from within the EC.

SpaandanB formulates projects from the ideas of its EC members, Bangladesh office personnel, dedicated donors or from the project ideas of partner organizations. Each project is guided by the mission and vision of SpaandanB. Once the project goes through the feasibility and impact study successfully, SpaandanB campaigns for funding of the project to its generous donors. After sufficient funding is received, the project is handed over to its Bangladesh Office for implementation. If a separate implementation organization is chosen for the project, Bangladesh office oversees the project activities. Regular progress reports and financial audit reports are sent to SpaandanB EC who in turn shares it with the donors for complete transparency.

How Can You Help:

"A little help goes a long way" - SpaandanB believes littlest support and guidance can do wonder in the lives of the less advantaged. In that respect you can play a vital role in improving lives by doing a very little help. You can help by doing any of the following

  • You can make monetary contribution to support any of our projects at any time. You can donate directly by sending us checks to our contact address, or you can donate by credit card through our online payment system. Note that your donation may qualify for tax deduction. Many companies do employee gift matching and you can take this advantage to multiple your donation.

  • You can motivate others to donate for a cause.

  • You can come up with your own project proposal and get it implemented by SpaandanB.

  • You can provide your time as a volunteer to support many activities of SpaandanB. Note that many companies match their employees volunteer service hours by providing equivalent monetary donation.

  • You can improve our projects or our operating procedures by providing your opinion or encouragement or by attending our public events.

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