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Last Updated : Sep 23, 2017

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Help Bangladesh Fight Flood

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Update October 02, 2017:

Based on the survey report and feedback from Advisors, SpaandanB has finalized the list of beneficiaries and the type and quantity of services. The following table summarizes the current plan -

We are in the procurement phase right now and on target to complete the project by end of October. Soon we will share project photos, videos and more. Stay tuned.

Update September 23, 2017:

SpaandanB volunteers have completed the preliminary survey of the families affected by the flood. We surveyed 1312 families in two districts (Dinajpur 817 and Kurigram 495) and determined their highest priority needs. Most of these families have faced extensive damages to their homes and are in dire need of roofing material like Corrugated Tin. In Dinajpur district we are considering to select 550 families based on their income level and land ownership to receive roofing materials (10-12 sheets of Tin). We are also planning to distribute educational material packages (10 exercise books, 6 pens, 6 pencils, 2 erasers, 2 sharpeners) to 250 students.

In Kurigram we are planning to distribute vegetable seeds with fertilizers to 400 families. We will distribute educational materials packages to 400 students. Besides these, we are also including about 1000 families in Naogaon and Rangpur districts to receive seed packages.

SpaandanB is leveraging the extensive volunteer network of Badhan and Hunger Project Bangladesh to carry out the survey, implementation and monitoring process.

We are planning to complete the implementation by mid-October. We will keep you posted with the progress.

Original Appeal

Millions of people in Bangladesh are affected by the ravaging monsoon flood. More than one third of the country is under water and causing havoc on human lives. Most of the rivers are flowing very close to the levels set in 1988 - the deadliest flood experienced by the country in recent history. This is quickly turning into one of the most harrowing humanitarian disasters Bangladesh has faced. People need immediate support to survive and also need rehabilitation support to get back on their feet. We are urging all of you to step forward and help Bangladesh fight this flood.

SpaandanB has prepared a team to provide support to the affected farmers in the northern part of Bangladesh (Rangpur and Dinajur) where the extent of the flood damage is the most severe. Most of their cultivated paddy fields are under water and crops are rotting. Once the water subsides, they need to quickly replant the land using local paddy or vegetable seedlings. We will provide them with this support so that they can quickly get back on their feet.

We are urging all our donors and supporters to step forward and donate for this worthy cause. Your help can make a world of difference!

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The following picture shows the current inundation map of bangladesh (source:
For latest status please visit Latest Map

Due to the time critical nature of this project, SpaandanB Bangladesh Office has already started the procurement using its own funds. The collection from your kind donation will replenish that fund in due time.