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SpaandanB implements a whole ranges of projects at Bangladesh to alleviate the living standard of the less advantaged. We strive hard to bring about wholesome awareness of self-reliance, self-respect, and a sense of inner potential among the ordinary masses through all aspects of our projects. Our projects follow a holistic approach by doing -

  • Establishment of education
  • finding remedy for health needs
  • providing Sustained subsistence

We have defined " less advantaged" to signify primarily fiscal handicap but to also include lack of access and opportunity. We have concluded that the appeasement of the "less advantaged" is derived from sustained effort in these three major areas. We believe littlest of support and guidance can do wonders in the lives of the under-privileged. But the support needs to serve a global purpose and the guidance needs to fuel a vision for future.

We attach significant importance to the term "sustained". Our efforts are sustained because either the beneficiaries get empowered to continue support themselves at the end of our project or the type of project and the benefit therein is regenerative in nature.

Project Criterion:

SpaandanB EC formulates its own projects which upholds its mission and vision. Donors or implementation organization can also propose project ideas. Many of the existing projects are indeed proposed by our donors and they get affiliated with the projects not only by contributing monetarily but also by regularly following up with the implementation organization about the progress of the project.

SpaandanB EC does a feasibility and impact study of the project before engaging. Once the project is in implementation phase, EC regularly monitors the project progress. Bangladesh office frequently sends status report of all projects and oversees the project activities on site.

The basic guidelines for any future projects are-

  • The project needs to be implemented in Bangladesh and the ultimate beneficiaries should be the under-privileged population of Bangladesh.
  • The project can not discriminate on the basis of religion, color, sex, age, disability or political views.
  • The project goal should uphold the mission and vision of SpaandanB.
  • It is highly recommended to have a regenerative part in the project proposal so that at the long run the project becomes partially or fully self-sustained.
  • If the project is not directly implemented by SpaandanB Bangladesh office, the implementing organization needs to have necessary legal clearance to accept foreign fund. SpaandanB transfers fund through international wire transfer which goes through FedWire of Fedline and is subjected to the provisions of Federal Reserve Regulation J and Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code. SpaandanB does not transfer fund to an individual account.

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