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Red Crescent:$710.00

Godagari Union, Rajshahi: $711.00

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Remote localities of the affected region

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Flood 1998

About our Fund Raiser

SpaandanB is a non-profit orgranization run by volunteers. From September 19, 1998, to October 30, 1998, we raised funds for the flood victims in Bangladesh. Donations collected during the fund raiser were sent to various relief funds.

Fund Raiser Information

As of Oct 30, 1998, we have raised $10,009.75
List of Donors

Disbursement of raised funds

We started an effort of collecting money for flood relief in Bangladesh on Sept. 19th, 1998.  We promised to send the money to your preferred organization by October 10th.  It took us some time to contact the NGOs in Bangladesh, which caused a little delay.  With all your support we are bringing our effort to a closure today.  Here is the summary of your




Red Crescent:$710.00

Godagari Union, Rajshahi:
$711.00 (Mr. Anisur Rahman collected $626 from a local Mashjid, San Jose, we added $75.00 to this amount and according to his wish we sent the money to his village, Godagari which is also among severly affeced by flood) 

Total : $10,009.75

Eight SpaandanB members shared the cost for money transfer to Bangladesh.   We would like to thank all of you who made our effort a success.  In particular, we would like to thank our donors from Portland, OR and Connecticut, NY for their whole-hearted support for our program.  We have asked official acknowledgement from the NGOs and also a briefing of the way our money is going to be distributed in bangladesh.  Best regards,

Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal

(on behalf of SpaandanB)