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Badhan: $20,000
BUET 88 Club: $18,500
Hunger Project -Bangladesh:
ORCA : $9,000
Sandipan: $9,000

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Remote localities of the affected region

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U.S. Liaison

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Flood 2007

SpaandanB is working to help the flood victims with basic necessities, such as food and medicine. We are also planning to help flood affected people in post-flood rehabilitation.

We work with partner organizations to carry out the relief activities. Our partner organizations are chosen carefully based on various criteria, of which the most important are reliability, effectiveness of the relief efforts and low overhead cost.

A summary of our current flood relief activities is provided below:

Relief Effort Description
Relief Location
Allocated Funds

Distribution of food and medicine.
Many locations including Manikgonj, Rangpur, etc.
Emergency operations successfully completed. Rehab projects in progress.

Distribution of house building materials.
Multiple locations
First project completed. Two rehab projects in progress.

Distribution of water purification tablets and saline packets.
30 unions in 6 districts.
$16,000 has been sent. Emergency relief distribution has been completed.

Post-Flood rehabi-
30 unions in 6 districts.
Various rehab projects in progress.

Provide rickshaws to rehabilitate through income generating activities.
Kurigram, Kishoreganj, Rajshahi.
Rickshaw distribution done at Ulipur and Kishoreganj. Rajshahi in progress.

Distribution of food and medicine.
Many locations
$9,000 has been sent. Distribution has started.

To ensure that the funds are used properly, SpaandanB representatives visit flood relief sites. The representatives provide us independent and objective reports on the relief activities. All our partners are required to cooperate with the representatives. Details about current partner organizations and their activities are listed below.

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