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Badhan is a voluntary blood donors' organization that raises awareness about blood donation and matches blood donors with patients who need blood. A totally non-political organization, Badhan was established in 1997 in Dhaka University. It is run by volunteers and has presence in 17 universities and colleges in Bangladesh including Dhaka University, BUET and Rajshahi University.

Considering the emergency, Badhan has undertaken flood relief efforts using its volunteer force. They are distributing basic food packages, oral saline and medicines to the flood victims in various areas, including Manikgonj, Rangpur and Sirajgonj. For detailed project description, please review the project proposal.

Contact person: Shahidul Islam Ripon

Web site: http:

Target location: Manikgonj (Daulatpur), Rangpur (Gangachara), Kurigram, Madaripur (Shibchar), Gaibanda (Fulchari), Shariatpur (Naria), Faridpur (Charvadrason), Rajbari (Goalondo), Bogra (Saiakandi), Sirajgonj (Ullapara). (Might be changed subject to situation and availability of support)

Total donation sent:

Aug 13, 2007 $5,000
Aug 27, 2007 $5,000

Total: $10,000


BUET-88 Club

BUET-88 Club is a non-political non-profit association of the alumni students of the Engineering and Architecture faculty BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) who graduated in 1988 and 1989. Besides being an organization that fosters friendship among fellow members, it extends helping hands to the community from its inception. It is a platform empowered by the strong bondage of BUET friendship to pay back to the society in whatever form and whenever need arises, In 2004, after the devastating flood in Bangladesh, BUET-88 Club took initiative to organize rehabilitation programs for the affected people of Hajigonj and Shahrasti Upazila of Chandpur district through the monetary support of SpaandanB.

Total donation sent:

Sep 19, 2007 $3,000
Oct 12, 2007 $3,500
Nov 26, 2007 $6,500

Total: $13,000


Hunger Project - Bangladesh

The Hunger Project is a global, strategic organization committed to achieving a sustainable solution to end world hunger. The Hunger Project - Bangladesh (THP-B) has 38,000 animators (volunteers) spread all over Bangladesh which makes them very effective for nationwide emergency relief project implementation. During the flood in 2004, SpaandanB worked with THP-B for post flood rehabilitation and was considerably satisfied with the outcome.

The plan for this year is to:

Provide flood affected people with water purification tablets for safe drinking water and oral saline packets to fight dehydration.

Provide quick growing vegetable seeds to 8,800 flood affected needy families for self-sustenance in post flood period.

For detailed project description, please review the project proposal.

Contact person: Dr. Badiul Alam Mojumdar Country Director, THP-B

Web site:

Target location: 30 unions in 6 districts

Total donation sent:
Aug 9, 2007 $10,000
Aug 17, 2007 $6,000

Total: $16,000



The Old Rajshahi Cadets Association (ORCA) is a non-profit, non-political volunteer organization consisting of alumni of Rajshahi Cadet College. The organization is based in Bangladesh with Chapters in USA, Canada and Australia. As a voluntary organization, ORCA has been working in various not-for-profit projects such as Blood Donation Program, Scholarship Funds, Carpentry School, Pallli-Home for Helpless, Dialysis Center, Zakat Fund, Interest Free Micro-Credit Facilities for the Poor, etc.

ORCA Rehabilitation Project is notable as it has been traditionally providing voluntary service to worst-hit areas since the inception of this organization in 1972-73. It has a network of more than 1500 dedicated volunteers and can reach the remotest affected areas using logistic support from their alumni in civil and military administrations.

During 2004 flood, as a rehabilitation project, SpaandanB provided support to ORCA for the implementation of 40 tin-shed houses and 8 sanitary latrines at Daldia, Ulipur, Kurigram.

Contact person: Sufi H. Z. Rahman ORCA coordinator

Web site:

Total donation sent:
Sep 14, 2007 $9,000

Total: $9,000



Sandipan is an organization founded by few dedicated social workers for the special cause of helping distressed people in the time of calamities. It is a non-political, non-government organization run by volunteers. It was formed in 2004 to perform relief work for flood affected people. Sandipan supported a milk-powder program for six months to 300+ mal-nourished children and ran a smal scale loan program among the weavers in Kumarkhali, Kushtia.

Contact person: Dr. Abdul Hasib Chowdhury Assistant Professor EEE department, BUET, Dkaka

Target location: Shahzadpur, Sirajganj and Gaibandha

Total donation sent:

Aug 17, 2007 $5,000
Oct 12, 2007 $4,000

Total: $9,000


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