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Project Summary

Running since: 2013
$50 per month per child

Project Location

Shyamoli and Ashulia, Dhaka


Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison

Maheen Hamid
SpaandanB Executive Member,

Bangladesh Contact

SpaandanB Bangladesh Office,
House No: 302,
Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka- 1207

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Ashic Support-a-life

"A project to improve the quality of life of children living with cancer in Bangladesh."

In Bangladesh, more than 12,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year, not counting those who remain undiagnosed. Sadly, less than 5% of these children go into remission.

For a monthly cost of only $50 per child per month, Support-A-Life program offered through the ASHIC Foundation in Bangladesh assists in treatment costs for children where needed, from the time of diagnosis to the time they become heroes, in this life or the next. In consultation with doctors, and perusing case history/ financial need, ASHIC Foundation helps to identify credible candidates.

SpaandanB partnered with ASHIC Foundation in 2013 and has been supporting this program since June 2014. Several patients have already benefitted from the service, contributing towards improving the national survival rates!

Why Support-a-life?

Many children with cancer in Bangladesh perish due to a host of reasons typical for an underdeveloped country. The one area where we can actively help is to take away financial constraints as one of those reasons. Support-a-Life allows us to help the children with cancer have a fair chance at living a full life.

ASHIC Foundation

ASHIC Foundation is a family-run organization, working to improve the quality of life for children living with cancer in Bangladesh. After the untimely loss of Ashiq, who lost his valiant fight to a rare form of cancer when he was only 3, his parents started this initiative. Since 1994, ASHIC has gone from a small community organization to a center of excellence in innovation and service for childhood cancer in South/ South East Asia. A number of its programs have been spotlighted as a replicable model for other third world countries. Programs now include the country's first Palliative Care Unit, Day Patient Services, Shelter (Home away from Home) and Play Centers. Supporting activities such as Outing Programs, Counseling sessions, Support a Life, Patients Service are all designed to improve the quality of life for the children.