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Project Summary

Target Budget: $200,000

Project Location

Dhaka University, Dhaka

DMCH, Dhaka

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison
Mohammed Iqbal Yousuf
Santa Clara, CA, U.S.A.
Bangladesh Contact

SpaandanB Bangladesh Office,
House No: 302,
Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka- 1207

Badhan Blood Transfusion Center

"A project to build a modern blood transfusion center to provide safe, affordable and timely blood to disadvantaged people”

Project Details

In 2006 SpaandanB partnered with Badhan, a voluntary blood donor organization run by Dhaka University students, to implement a trial Blood Transfusion Center (BTC) at the Teacher-Student Center (TSC) of Dhaka University. Ever since the center has been running to its fullest capacity producing more than thousand bags of blood to deserving individuals. It has proved to be a very well run center. It clearly indicates that a fully equipped center can provide much needed benefits in greater magnitude and strengthen the ongoing social movement of voluntary blood donation. The necessity of establishing a fully equipped BTC is due to the following facts -

  • Scaling up the capacity of BTC will contribute significantly towards mitigating the blood crisis in Bangladesh
  • One bag of “whole blood” can possibly help three people if we can separate the components. The new BTC will have component separation capability and will increase the efficiency of the system greatly.
  • Better screening will allow the center to deliver safe blood without Transfusion Transmitted Infections (TTI) like Hepatitis B/C, Malaria, HIV.
  • It will drive down the cost of blood and make it more affordable to disadvantaged people
  • It will increase the convenience of the donor and will encourage more donors to donate blood voluntarily

A Tri-Party agreement has been signed between SpaandanB, Badhan Foundation and Dhaka University Authority. Each party will contribute towards this project in the following way -

  • Dhaka University has already given permission to Badhan Foundation to build the infra-structure for the BTC on top of the existing Medical Center at the University
  • Badhan Foundation will incur the expenses of the civil construction ( Tk 35 Lac, about $45,000, has been handed over to Dhaka University authority to start the construction)
  • SpaandanB will bear the expenses of all the equipments for the center (about $200,000)

We urge all our donors to generously donate towards this cause and make the dream of a new BTC come true.

Background History

Badhan is a non-political voluntary blood donor organization found in 1997 by few spirited students of Dhaka University. The main goal of Badhan is to promote voluntary blood donation among graduate and post graduate level students and turn it into a social movement so that no body dies due to scarcity of blood. Since its inception at the Shahidulla Hall of Dhaka University, Badhan has grown into a massive organization with 95 units in 39 institutions spreading over 25 Districts. They motivate graduate and post-graduate level students to donate blood when need arises. Badhan maintains an extensive student database of willing blood donors. In time of need, Badhan finds matching eligible donors and make them available to the patient for fresh blood transfusion. It has contributed significantly towards alleviating the blood crisis of Bangladesh to a point that now paid donor percentage has almost shrunk to nil. From the very beginning of its journey it became clear to Badhan that a blood transfusion center would be of utmost importance. It would make blood transfusion process much more convenient and safe for the donors.

During the devastating flood in 2004 SpaandanB was looking for a partner organization who would help us to carry out voluntary relief distribution and came in contact with Badhan. With its elaborate network of high spirited student volunteers, Badhan executed the job flawlessly. Since then SpaandanB has been leveraging Badhan’s network for relief work during time of calamities. SpaandanB acknowledged the necessity of a blood transfusion center and agreed to finance a trial center at the Teacher-Student Center of Dhaka University. In 2006, with the help of Dhaka University and SpaandanB’s funding of $7,150, Badhan established the first BTC. Along the journey, the initial BTC experienced many hurdles and issues but managed to generate enough revenues to make it self-wheeling. After running for more than 10 years, it is now ready to turn a new leaf.