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SpaandanB's completed projects in Development Sector


Project Summary

Project Location
: Islampur, Nawabgonj
Project Duration : 2000-2001
Total beneficiaries : 20 families
Total Donation sent :$2,000

A group of poor villagers who had no other means to generate any income and went on with the daily struggle for existence, saw a ray of hope with this project. AUSH, a village based poultry project was started to create job among those needy villagers and brought economic solvency for their families. It also educated the needy and interested villagers by teaching them how to raise poultry using modern techniques and encouraged them to start poultry farms and become self-employed. Due to yearly flood damage and other operational difficulties, the project was postponed after one year of operation. However, 20 families were trained and benefited from this project. and SpaandanB learnt valuable field tips about how to operate poultry based income generating projects.


Project Summary

Project Location
: Sherpur and Dhunot, Bogra
Project Duration : 1998-2001
Total beneficiaries : 40 families
Total Donation sent : $6,020

As SpaandanB's noble idea of helping our beloved country was initially being inspired by our key founders, the root of success started to take shape with one of our first projects like CEMPAR. CEMPAR was a rural-based non-government organization based in Bogra, Bangladesh. It had provided scholarship for meritorious students at Mohipur Agriculture Training Institute (MATI), Sherpur, Bogra and at Elangi High School, Dhunot, Bogra. It also ran a poultry project, a goat-raising project, Bio-intensive Gardening, and a Fish & Duck Culture project through SpaandanB's donation. Total beneficiary in all the projects were approximately 40 families. CEMPAR distributed 38 goats to its 22 beneficiaries and within a year the number of goat increased to 85. The other notable success is that one of our scholarship recipients at MATI stood 5th in the technical education board.


Project Summary

Project Location
: Botiaghata, Khulna
Project Duration : 2001-2005
Total beneficiaries : 10 students per year, 20 expecting mothers and 20 newborn babies per year
Total Donation sent :$5,855

SHAPNILA was a program to empower our creative and talented but poor rural people to become self-sufficient. It had given hope to the jobless young generation at Botiaghata, Khulna. Each year 10 students were trained in carpentry so that they can become economically solvent. Besides, a subsidized clinic were operated where homeopathic assistance were provided to the poor mothers and their newborn babies.


Project Summary

Project Location
: Gonipur, Feni
Project Duration : 2001-2005
Total beneficiaries : 10 families
Total Donation sent : $3,865

Gonipur Poverty Alleviation Project (GPAP) started in March of 2001 in Gonipur, Feni to support ten land-less day laborers, vendors and rickshaw pullers. The primary purpose of GPAP was to make those ten eligible families self-reliant. In order to achieve such goal, a one-acre pond was leased for five years for fish cultivation. The technical assistance was provided by Bangladeshi experts working in a nearby Japanese NGO firm. Other forms of assistance, such as, free labor, security watch and much more, were provided by the members of GPAP. SpaandanB provided financial assistance to carry on this project. The yearly budget for GPAP project was $1,000.
During the course of this project's life (2001-2005), SpaandanB had sent $3,865 in total. Even though, GPAP was one of SpaandanB's most promising projects, the poor communication and reporting from our Bangladeshi liaisons prevented us to further continue with this project. In the year of 2005, SpaandanB had terminated sending financial assistance to GPAP project.