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SpaandanB's completed projects in Education Sector

BUET Scholarship

Project Summary
Project Location :
Bangladesh University of
Engineering and
Technology , Dhaka
Project Duration : 2000-on going
Total beneficiaries : 2 students per year
Total Donation sent : $3,300

It is a scholarship program for BUET students coordinated by SpaandanB . The scholarship is for two female students of Electrical Engineering Department of BUET residing in the Women's Hall to help them pursuing their under-graduate degrees at BUET. The scholarship fund of $3300 is donated at once . This is kept as a running capital and the annual award money (2 awards, each $150) comes from the interest generated. This way the program is self running.


Project Summary
Project Location : Rajabazar, Dhaka
Project Duration : 2000-2003
Total beneficiaries : 30 students in 3 years
Total Donation sent : $2,250

Gulshanara School is for under privileged children of nearby garments factory workers and slum dwellers. This school provides free education up to grade six and those who are capable to go for higher education are supported through the stipend program. This school is funded by Gulshanara Welfare Trust and the Mohila Committee of Institution of Engineers Bangldesh is in charge of the administration and supervision of the school. The school policy is to make the students competitive and offer sponsorship to those who shows better results.

Established in 1992 with 20 students in one class, Gulshanara School now provides education to 300 students studying in Play Group to Class Six. In year 2002 , 23 students who graduated from Gulshanara school were sponsored with stipends to continue their education out of which 12 of them were supported by SpaandanB. Out of these 23 students, 2 of them appeared in SSC this year and 4 are to appear next year.

Linguistics Lab, Dhaka University

Project Summary
Project Location :
Department of Linguistics, Dhaka University, Dhaka
Project Duration : 2005
Total beneficiaries : 50 students and 7 teachers, daily.
Total Donation sent :$5465

SpaandanB implemented a computer laboratory in the Department of Linguistics of Dhaka University. The lab was equipped with Five computers, one Laptop and one multi-media projector. This lab offered considerable help to the students and teachers in their academic and research activities. By 2006, the lab was used for 2 PhD thesis, 13 MA thesis and 33 thesis proposal.

Shahjalal Scholarship

Project Summary
Project Location :
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet
Project Duration : 2001-2003
Total beneficiaries : 2 students per year
Total Donation sent : $750

SpaandanB, with the financial assistance from Bilbos Foundation, established a scholarship program in Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in 2001. This program provides $250 per year to two meritorious students majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. This scholarship program is an implementation of SpaandanB's commitment to help students with unfavorable economic background to fulfill their dreams. Bilbos Foundation is a private charitable organization which supports needy but meritorious around the world. It was founded by an employee of Philips Corporation and based in San Jose, CA. It is sponsoring 4 scholarships in Bangladesh through SpaandanB.

Shamsul Huda Trust Fund

Project Summary
Project Location : Gonipur, Feni
Project Duration : 2000-on going
Total beneficiaries : 2 students per year
Total Donation sent : $2000

"Shamsul Huda Memorial Scholarship" is a scholarship program in the name of Mohammed Shamsul Huda, who was a Professor of History and also the Principal and Vice Principal of Gurudayal College in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. The program has started in year 2002. Two Scholarship of Taka 5000 each are being awarded annually to one female and one male student pursuing undergraduate (B.A) studies in General History or Islamic History. SpaandanB contributed $2000 to Gurudayal College, sponsored by a single Donor. Out of that $200 was for first year scholarship. After that rest of the $1800 was deposited in Bank, and the yearly earned interest supported the scholarship. That way the $1800 capital has been running. The Scholarship was both merit and need based awarded to full time male, female student pursuing studies in General History or Islamic History. A committee of at least three members are responsible for selecting the students.

Siddiqi Foundation

Project Summary
Project Location : M.R.Siddiqi Education Complex, Dhaka
Project Duration : 2003- on going
Total beneficiaries : more than thousand students per year
Total Donation sent : $30,000

SpaandanB supported M.R. Siddiqi Foundation as a Donor Member by collecting funds for the Foundation in the US from any individual interested in supporting the projects of the Foundation. SpaandanB worked closely with the Foundation to promote and achieve its goals, some of which were construction of class room/laboratory/library , scholarships to meritorious but financially disadvantaged students, supporting physically handicapped students.
The main project of the Foundation, the M.R. Siddiqi Education Complex, currently has 450 students at the Primary level, 750 students at the High School level, and 250 students at the Degree College level as well as a total of 48 teaching and non-teaching staff. The scholarship award at Chittagong University supported one student for one year each year. All other current charitable works of the Foundation are provided on an as-needed basis.