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SpaandanB's completed projects in Health Sector

Child Development Center (CDC)

Project Summary

Project Location
: Agargaon, Dhaka
Project Duration : 2000-2004
Total beneficiaries : 600 people per year
Total Donation sent : $2,000

CDC (Child development Center) was established in 1993 and SPAANDAN B got involved in 2000 to help primarily disabled children belonging to the families of the lower income bracket. This project started in Agargoan, Dhaka. This community based program included regular visits to these households by the social workers and health service providers. Cost of the project was around $2000/yr. This project served around 600 people per year, which increased in the later years.

Shomaj Unnayn Shongstha (SUS)

Project Summary

Project Location
: Gulbag, Dhaka
Project Duration : 1998-2004
Total beneficiaries : 550 children, 30 women
Total Donation sent : $12,333

In the year 1998, SPAANDAN B got involved with SUS (Somaj Unnayan Shangstha), funding the cost of the school in Gulbagh, Dhaka. Majority of the students were slum dwellers. Total donation was $12,333 in six years for over 550 children and 30 women, providing teaching and vocational materials, tiffin, medicine, sports, etc. The project ended in 2004.

Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF)

Project Summary

Project Location
Dhamrai and Nabinagar, Dhaka
Project Duration : 1998-2005
Total beneficiaries : 247 Children
Total Donation sent :$8,050

From 1998, SPAANDAN B supported two school initiated by BPF (Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation). One of the schools was at Dhamrai and the other was in Nabinagar. In these schools, both disabled and normal children learnt together. After 2003 till 2005, only the Nabinagar School needed funding. Total donation amount sent was about $8050, and total beneficiaries were about 247 children. This program provided books, stationeries, tiffin, physical therapy, speech therapy, cognitive skill therapy, community worker visits, etc.

Shaw Unnayan

Project Summary

Project Location
: Sagarpara, Rajshahi
Project Duration : 2000-2005
Total beneficiaries : 30 disabled people per year
Total Donation sent : $14,550

In the year 2000, SPAANDAN B started this project in Ward 20 Sagarpara, Rajshahi. The project was active till 2005. The total amount of donation sent was about $14,550. About 30 disabled people per year were provided with various devices like crutch, wheel chair, hearing aids, special shoes etc and also medical support like physiotherapy, medicines, general health care, etc.