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Project Summary

Running since 2005
Phase 1: $42k till 2012
Phase 2: $2-3k per year

Project Location

Gokorno Village, Brahmanbaria

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison

Farhana Afroz

Bangladesh Contact

Dr. Marufi Khan,
Secretary, HWCNC
67, Elephant Road
Boromogh Bazar (Sonali Bank) Bangladesh.
Phone-01712819752, 088 02 8321566 / 088 02 9354130

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Haridashi Woman Care and Child Nutrition Center

Children of Gokorno village Doctor listening to a patient Food program Expecting mother waiting for service A visiting donor participating in the meal program

" A project to provide health and nutrition services to children and mothers "

Gokorno, just another village of Bangladesh. Not far from the meddling crowd of Dhaka city, yet lush with green and laced with calm and quietness. Breaking the silence, when our shallow-engine-driven boat approached the village, a group of joyous boys and girls greeted us as if we knew each other for so long!

A short walk took us to our destination- the "Haridashi Women Care and Child Nutrition Center (HWCCNC)", a small one storied building, brightly colored and conveniently situated at the outskirt of the village. We saw a swarm of village "mothers", with their babies in lap, flocked around the house, waiting eagerly to greet the person whose selfless dedication gave birth to this benevolent center.... more...

Project Details:

Rural women and children are the most neglected group of people in Bangladesh. Due to lack of health consciousness and easy access to medical care, expecting mothers don't get proper nutrition and health care during pregnancy. This deteriorates infant mortality and maternal mortality rates. Taking this into account, this project aims at -

  • Improving infant mortality and maternal mortality rate.
  • Providing basic health care services to children and expecting mothers.
  • Educating the community with health and nutrition necessities to prevent diseases like AIDS, STD and HIV.
  • Providing nutritious food to selected group of children and expecting mothers.

Services Provided:

The following services are provided through this project-

  • A registered MBBS doctor provides weekly service at the clinic and sees local patients, especially expecting mothers and children. The service recipients are brought under a monthly membership program in exchange of a small token fee.
  • A nutritionist provides nutrition and maternity knowledge to the community.
  • Group of under-nourished children are provided with free milk and nutritious meal.
  • Group of expecting mothers are provided with nutritious meal for free.

Pathological Assistance for the treatment of the Afflicted (PATA):

In 2008, SpaandanB implemented a pathological laboratory in Gokorno village. This provides basic diagnostic clinical services to villagers at reduced price. This service is saving a lot of money and time of the villagers who would otherwise needed to travel far to get similar services.