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Running since: 2013
Yearly Budget: $1,000
FDR Amount: $14,000

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Delduar, Tangail

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Mohammad Reza Islam
697 Windsor Terrace,
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SpaandanB Bangladesh Office,
House No: 302,
Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka- 1207

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Iffat Ara Scholarship

Scholarship recipients at the disbursement ceremony, 2015 Scholarship recipients of 2014 Scholarship “recipients of 2013 Scholarship “recipients of 2015 Disbursement ceremony

"An academic scholarship program for meritorious but financially challanged students of Grade 11 and 12"

Iffat Ara Scholarship is dedicated in the loving memory of Iffat Ara who left us during 2011 at the age of 68. Iffat was born in Rangpur and became a mother figure to her six younger siblings during her teenage years. Probably this transition to a “Boro Apa” role early in her life gave her a sense of responsibility and selflessness. She was married to an Engineer, Serajul Islam (Ex-Chief Engineer, Bangladesh Water Development Board) during her college years. Iffat’s motto in life was to make others happy. She was a mother not only to her four sons but also to several people starting from street vendor to house helpers. She was awarded the title “Ratnagarva” during the Mother’s Day on 2008. People who met her remember her for a lovely smile and hospitality. Her utmost joy in life was to be surrounded by family, friends and relatives. She helped numerous disadvantaged people to get education and job. This simple woman believed in love and dreamt of a better Bangladesh.

Scholarship Details

This program provides scholarships to meritorious students, studying in grade 11 or 12, who are financially disadvantaged. Initially this program used to give out 6 scholarships, 5000 Taka each. Starting from 2015, the program expanded and started giving out 35 scholarships. 5 scholarships, each 5000 Taka, are provided to students who secured Golden GPA 5 in SSC examination. 30 scholarships, each 2000 Taka, are provided to students who secured GPA 5 in SSC examination. SpaandanB has been running various other scholarship programs where students form grade 6 to 10 are covered. We also have help programs for Undergraduate studies. Iffatara scholarship creates a bridge between these two types of programs. This is a donor specific program where a generous donation from a single donor is fixed-deposited and the scholarships are provided each year from the interest earned.

The following links provide the list of the scholarship recipients so far -

Program Location: