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Imdad-Sitara Khan Scholarship

"A scholarship program to provide financial assistance to under-privileged meritorious students"

Talent requires favorable socioeconomic condition to flourish. A nation cannot reach its culmination without giving due support to its bright and brilliant pupil. Bangladesh is a developing country faced with several challenges including natural disasters and poor economical infrastructure. It is very difficult for the Government to provide due support to fiscal challenged meritorious students. Thus, many promising students cannot translate their dreams into reality. To help these students flourish into their full potential and lead a better life, Dr. Imdad H. Khan and his wife Mrs. Sitara Khan, a compassionate Bangladeshi US expatriate sponsored this scholarship and SpaandanB has been implementing it since 2004. With a view to creating future leaders from every walks of life, this scholarship provides financial assistance to meritorious but financially insolvent students to pursue higher studies in science, engineering and medicine. This scholarship is unique in the sense that a recipient gets financial aid throughout the completion of his or her undergraduate degree.


Scholarship Details:

Each year Imdad-Sitara Khan scholarship program provides scholarships in the following categories at $20 per month rate -

Engineering: 120 scholarships ( 30 scholarships for each year from 1st through 4th year)
Medicine: 150 scholarships ( 30 scholarships for each year from 1st through 5th year)
Science: 120 scholarships ( 30 scholarships for each year from 1st through 4th year)
HSc: 60 scholarships ( 30 scholarships for each year from 1st through 2nd year)

A selection committee comprised of 9 reputed academicians of Bangladesh and SpaandanB officials seeks for applications from prospective 1st year candidates through advertisements in major news papers. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their academic records and financial status. Qualified students may need to appear in a viva with the selection committee. All the selected students are awarded with the scholarship through an award ceremony.

Once a student gets the scholarship for the first year, he/she needs to reapply with academic reports for the continuation for subsequent years. If the students maintain a certain level of academic achievement, the scholarship is extended for all the years of the graduate study.

Students academic records are collected and verified by SpaandanB officials. All records and progress reports are shared with the Imdad-Sitara Khan Foundation in U.S.A.

The members of the selection committee are -

1. Dr. Syed M D Humayn Kabir
Professor, zoology Dept., Dhaka University
2. Dr. Rashidul Hassan
Prof. And Treasurer Dhaka University
3. Dr. Anwar Hossain
Ex VC, Islamic University
4. Dr. Mohammad Ali Choudhury
Prof. and Head of the Dept., EEE Dept, BUET
5. Dr. Rowshan Jahan Mannan
Ex Prof., Dhaka University
6. Dr. Mohammad Shamsuddin
Prof and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Chittagong University
7. Dr. S L Sen
Prof., Dhaka Medical College
8. Prof. Mastura Khanam
Psychology Dept., Rajshahi University
9. Dr. Abu Hena M. Kamal
Founding Member, SpaandanB
10. Mr. Sagir Hossain
Vice President, Citi bank, Bangladesh

(Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan (Khan Foundation representative)
Ex Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, served as the founding chairman of the scholarship committee for 2004-2005)



The scholarship is dedicated to the memory of late Dr. Imdad H. Khan and his living wife Mrs. Sitara Khan.

Dr. Imdadul Haque Khan, commonly known as Dr. Imdad Khan, lived his childhood in the village Amla, Kushtia, Bangladesh. He became a US citizen and lived with his wife, Sitara Khan in Saratoga, California. After Matriculation from Amla High school in 1945 with distinction, he completed I.Sc. and B.Sc. honours in Physics from the Rajshahi Government College, and M.Sc. in Physics from the Dhaka University. He carried out his M.Sc. research work under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Matin Choudhury. He then went to Imperial College, London, as a British Council scholar to pursue PhD program. He did his PhD under the supervision of Professor Blackman and under the chairmanship of Professor P.M.S. Blackett, a Nobel Laureate. He was selected as a Post Doctoral Fellow at NRC, Ottawa, Canada in 1959.

Dr. Khan later worked at different research laboratories in USA, such as General Dynamics, Phil Co. Ford, and General Telephones and Electronics as a Senior Engineering Specialist. His research work was on thin film technology, a very challenging and attractive field for scientists even today. He was then invited to work as a research scientist at NASA Electronics Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Later he was transferred to NASA's Moffet Field Laboratories, where he was involved in fundamental research on thin film materials. He was well respected as a thin film technology expert in the scientific community of his time. He published numerous technical papers in international journals and made presentations in many well-known conferences. His contribution in Handbook of Thin Film Technology, edited by Dr. Andrew Mossel of IBM bears testimony to this fact. After his retirement from NASA, he was involved in acquisition and management of real estate properties.
Dr. Khan passed away on May 7, 2006

Request for Application for 2019 Scholarship:

Imdad Sitara Khan Scholarship Committee is now collecting scholarship applications from meritorious but financially disadvantaged students who passed H.S.C in year 2018 and are currently enrolled in the first year (Education Year 2018-2019) of B.Sc Honours Degree or B.Sc Honours (including Agriculture/Animal Husbandry and all other divisions) or M.B.B.S or B.D.S. or B.Sc Textile Engineering or B.Sc Engineering or B.A./B.S.S. Honours or B.B.A.. Eligible students need to have at least a total of 9.5 GPA (in case of Science) without the fourth subject (minimum GPA of 4.6 in both exams) in S.S.C and H.S.C. exams. For non-science degrees, the requirement is a total of 9.0 GPA (minimum GPA of 4.5 in both exams) together.

Students are hereby requested to submit application in A4 size paper and send it in the following address by December 08,2019 via mail/courier/in person.

Chairman, Imdada Sitara Khan Scholarship Selection Committee
302 Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207

Students who will be selected preliminarily may be called in for in-person interview. Finally 95 students (25 from B.Sc Honours, 10 from B.Sc Honours Agriculture/Animal husbandry, 25 from M.B.B.S, 5 from B.D.S., 5 from B.Sc Textile Engineering and 25 from B.Sc Engineering) will be selected for a monthly stipends of Taka 1,500 for a year. The term of the scholarship may get extended for up to 42 months for 4 years course and 54 months for five years course subject to maintenance of satisfactory academic result.

The following items need to be attachéd with the application -

  • A certificate of enrollment from the current educational institute (certified by the head of the institute/Hall Super/Provost)
  • Photocopy of Mark-Sheet and Transcript (certified by the teacher of the currently enrolled institute)
  • Three copies of Passport style recent photos (attested by teach of the currently enrolled institute)
  • The applicant needs to write an essay in 300-400 words describing why he/she deserves the scholarship
  • The application may be cancelled if there is any discrepancy found in the information provided by the applicant
  • In case of MBBS or BDS applicants, students who passed HSC in 2017 can apply too

For a sample application form and the original advertisement published in news papers, please click below

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