Project Summary

Project initiated on 2003
Total Project budget $56,000

Project Location

Kuripaika village, Lohalia Upozilla, Potuakhali district

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison
Shah M. Musa
3509 Seilans Court, San Jose, CA 95148
Bangladesh Contact
Mr. Habib
Senior Teacher, Kuripaik High School,
Lohalia Upozilla, Potuakhali District
Phone: 880-2-01717185289

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Kuripaika School Development

"A project to create a better educational environment
for the under-previleged"

A back-ground story by Shah M. Musa, the donor and project initiator:

During my childhood our family routinely used to spend the winter school holidays in our native village Kuripaika, located in the Lohalia union of the Patuakhali district in the south of Bangladesh. It were all paddy fields dotted with groves of houses along with trees. Everything were natural and organic, no engine, no sound, no concrete structure. Walking along the muddy (dry during the winter) roads one could enjoy the rustling sounds of the paddy crops with intermittent breezes. The beautiful Lohalia River flowed by the village and a canal branched out of it which bifurcated the paddy fields. It were serene, peaceful and beautiful. During the winter time, the people of the village were primarily busy with the paddy harvesting activities. Like the peaceful nature, one could feel the peaceful and friendly minds of the people of the whole village.Read more...

Project Details

This is a donor initiated and funded project and a very good instance of how a donor can reach out and get involved with the development activities in Bangladesh.
Kuripaika High School is located at Kuripaika village of Lohalia Upozilla of Potukhali district, a very remote area where many modern amenities including electricity are not yet available. Situated in a 3-acre land, this is a co-education school of about 250 students from grade 6 to grade 10 and 13 teachers. In various phases, SpaandanB is trying to improve the overall education environment of the school by improving the following areas in phases -

  • Infra-structure development by building library, class rooms
  • Academic improvement by providing scholarship to students on the basis of merit
  • Extra-curricular improvement by providing sports materials

SpaandanB is co-implementing the project with Hunger Project Bangladesh.