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Modhupur School Development

"A school development project to improve the
infra-structure and quality of education"

An Extraordinary Effort by Ordinary People - by Motahar Ahmed, project initiator:

In 2000, when I heard from Mr. Abdul Wahab, the founding President of Modhupur High School, that he has started a school, my feelings were mixed! At first I was delighted about the idea, but later worried about the reality. After all, I was born and grew up there, and all I had seen was that people just can't get united on anything! How can a school survive in such a non-cooperative village? So, I took a Luke warm approach and did not get involved at all!

After 4 long years, in 2004, I went to visit the village. And I was stunned with disbelief seeing how united the people were on this one noble cause! I found that ordinary people were working extra-ordinarily to help this school. People donated as less as Taka 10.00 for the school and they are Rickshaw pullers, landless farmers, tobacco workers, tea-stall workers and everyone else like them. Some donated trees to help build the tin-shed, some donated labor, middle-eastern workers donated cash, small furniture business owners donated their labor to make tables, benches etc. This was the most delightful thing I have ever seen in my own village and I found myself in a shame for not responding to the call for help! Then I went to visit the class rooms and found that more than 66% of the students were girls who would never have gone to middle school since the nearest one is one and half mile apart; an infinite distance to cross for a teen-aged girl due to the nuances of local vagabonds and hooligans!

After coming back to the US, I spoke with SpandaanB officials and started this project to help the school in terms of building infrastructure and providing other vital financial help. The school now has a student population of approximately 200; of which more than two thirds are girls. Over the last three years, approximately 30 students passed SSC from this school and some of them achieved GPA 4.5+ including one GPA 5.0.

Besides providing infrastructure including land, tin-sheds, furniture, salaries of teachers, we plan to provide them a library with lots of books and few computers. We intend to open the door of the vast world of internet to these students. But we do not have enough money to do that. We will really appreciate donations irrespective of the amount. If any of you want to plant a dream in a truly innocent mind, if you want to help an innocent girl achieve what is yet unthinkable and unimaginable to all of the people of this locality, this is probably your chance. Who knows, there may be one day in not-so-distant-future, one of these little girls will make us really proud! And if that does not happen; still our effort will not go in vain, as we all know, an educated mother is the key to an educated nation. Since I have seen Rickshaw pullers and day workers donating just 10 Taka, I tend to believe in this dream. The odds may be less than winning the Power ball; but I will still bet my money on them! And we invite you to do the same!!

Project Details

A good school can equip a person with the power to make fundamental change not only in his/her own life but can instigate a broader change in many peoples lives. Unfortunately many schools in Bangladesh lack basic infra-structure to provide education and hence many potential merits remain under-evaluated. In light of this situation, SpaandanB has undertaken a number of school development projects where the main idea is to build basic infra-structure and provide related material support to create an environment conducive to better education. Modhupur school development is one of such projects.

Modhupur school, located in Feni, was established in 2000. The school has three classrooms and one office room. SpaandanB has provided or planning to provide support in the following improvement fields -

  • Extension of the building by making two more class rooms
  • Development of the school land
  • Procurement of books for library, sport equipments for extra-curricular activities
  • Incentive bonus for teacher


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