Project Summary

Running since: 2000
Yearly budget: $4000

Project Location

Parchanga village, Chandina Upozilla, Comilla district

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison
Bangladesh Contact

Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed
Sapporo Dental Clinic
Assistant Professor, Dhaka Dental CollegeRoad # 11, House # 17, Block-G, Banani Dhaka-1213


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Parchanga Health Clinic

"to provide basic medical service and promote health consciousness among the under-privileged"

Parchanga used to be a village with no health services. Government health care center was 15 kilometer away which remained almost out of reach for most of the villagers due to the distance and the financial constraints. Few dedicated and qualified doctors from the City turned it around. They started a free health clinic service right at the heart of the village, bringing an end to the sufferings of the villagers. SpaandanB has been proud to co-sponsor this noble effort with the kind contributions from its donors since 2000.

Most people living in the rural areas of Bangladesh do not have access to basic health services. There is a dying need for the promotion of health consciousness and awareness of preventive measurements among the general people. Government has very limited resources to provide health services in the rural areas. Hundreds and thousands of people are silently suffering and dying everyday just because they don't have access to basic services. Projects like Parchanga can alleviate this situation to some extent.

Goal of the Project

  • To provide basic medical assistance to underprivileged villagers
  • To create health awareness and to provide preventive maintenance
  • To establish a model health care unit which can be replicated

How does it work:

Parchanga health clinic is being run on a property which has been acquired through the kind donation of a local villager. A team of dedicated specialist doctors from Dhaka city makes visit to the clinic every Friday where they provide free medical services to the villagers. All medicine cost is covered through SpaandanB fund. For secondary or tertiary treatment, villagers are referred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital or Sapporo Dental College Hospital where they get further treatment at a subsidized rate.