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Project Summary

Project Budget : $66k

Project Location

Sherpur, Bangladesh

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison

Molla F Huq, 150 Mark Twain Ct., Santa Clara, CA 95050

Bangladesh Contact

SpaandanB Bangladesh Office,
House No: 302,
Mirpur Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka- 1207

Photo Gallery

Adopt A School Program: Sherpur DJHE School

Sherpur DJHE School Project initiator Mr. Molla Huq with few students at Sherpur school Original School signboard, a silent witness of history Few scholarship recipients of Sherpur School Present school condition, in dire need of renovation Students at the computer lab

" A project to renovate the infra-structure of a historical school to provide a safe and secure educational environment "

Update Jan 12, 2017

“Ma Multi-Media Room” has been established and inaugurated by Molla F. Huq, the primary initiator of the project, on Jan 12, 2017. One Laptop, one Projector, one interactive Board, Sound System (Amplifier, speaker, cordless microphone), two ACs (each two ton), 50 chairs, white board, one computer table, one UPS have been delivered. Beside that room decoration has been enhanced (false ceiling, draperies, painting, electrical works). The entrance is decorated by a nice mural. Look at the Photo Gallery.

Project Details:

The first school under SpaandanB’s “Adopt a school” program is Sherpur DJHE School. It is one of the most historical schools in Bangladesh. Built in 1868 in former East Bengal, this school is one of the very few which are still standing and serving many students. However, over all these years, due to lack of maintenance the school is in a dire shape right now and has become an insecure educational place. Restoration of the school building will not only provide safety and security to the students but will also make this become a prized assets to the community and to the country as a whole.

We have been working with the school since 2012. So far we have helped the school with the following:

  • 10 Scholarships for the students every year.
  • Established a library.
  • Computer lab was supported by giving computers and projector.
  • Established Biology, Physics & Chemistry lab.
  • Funded math program for the 7th grade.

In 2016, we are planning to make structural improvement of the school which will require your help. The total budget for this work is $66k. The following improvements are planned -

  • Renovation of the original school building (budget $33K)
  • Main Gate (budget $9K)
  • Generator & Drinking water facility room (budget $6K)
  • Generator (budget $8K)
  • Drinking water platform (budget $10K)
  • Multimedia room (budget $11K)

We urge you to make generous donations to bring this school back to its vibrant life.

Project Video: