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Project Summary

Running since: 2011
Yearly budget: $12,000

Project Location

Mohammedpur, Kallyanpur, Gabtoli, Dhaka

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison

SpaandanB US Team

Bangladesh Contact

SpaandanB Bangladesh Office,
House No: 302,
Mirpur Road, Shyamoli,
Dhaka- 1207

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Education for Slum Children

The smile of accomplishment The beginning of enlightenment Your support can take them a long way! SpaandanB Education Center

"A project to provide basic education and day-care service for kids living in slums."

Children living in the slums are the most disadvantaged citizens of the entire population of Bangladesh! When we think of a deprived child, traditionally the picture that comes in our mind is that of a child in a rural village. But today, an increasing number of children living in slums and shantytowns are among the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in the world, deprived of the most basic services and denied the right to thrive. These children are often "invisible" to the decision makers and become lost in the hazy statistical average that conceals grave inequalities. Close to 4 million people live in the squalors or squatter quarters around Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Every year more and more people are either pulled or pushed to the capital city. Some come to earn a better living and some come as forced migrants due to river erosion, cyclone or similar natural disasters. However, once coming to the city, they find themselves thrown into a horrible battle of survival. Many work as Rickshaw-puller, day laborer or hawker and earn a scanty amount barely meeting one course of meal a day. Children become the most affected! When survival is at stake, education becomes unimportant. Government seems to overlook these slum dwellers and don't want to recognize their dire states. Another big issue with the slum kids are that they are left unattended during majority part of the day because their parents work as day laborers and could not afford to manage any day care service. Due to lack of supervision, many kids run into accidents or get attached to drug-circle. May be in movie, slum-dogs become millionaire, but in reality they hardly get a chance to stand on their own feet!

Project Details:

In 2011, SpaandanB Bangladesh office decided to establish two primary education centers in Dhaka slum, one in Kallyanpur and the other in Gabtoli. Since then SpaandanB has established or co-established 6 education centers. Details of each of them follows.

SpaandanB Biddalai

This center is located in Ananda Nagar, Mirpur, Gabtali, Dhaka. Established as a pre-school in 2011, this education center has now classes up to grade 3. More than 100 students learn in this center in three shifts under the care of 3 teachers and one support stuff. Average monthly running cost is about Tk12,500.

SpaandanB Kallayanpur Day Care Center

This center is located in near House Building Research Institute at Darussalam, Mirpur, Dhaka. Established in 2011, this center has been providing dar care services to about 25 pre-schoolers. The center is operated by one teacher, one care-giver and one super-visor. Everyday from 8am till 5pm students stay at this center under supervision. Educational materials and light snacks are provided. Monthly running cost of this center is about Tk12,500.

SpaandanB Prathomic Biddalai

In 2012 SpaandanB established this primary education center at Shahjalal housing, Beribad, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. From pre-school to grade 3, about 100 students study at this center. 4 regular teachers provide education for 4 grades in 2 shifts. SpaandanB provides about Tk16,000 per month for this center.

SpaandanB Shuchana Shikkha Kendra

In 2013, SpaandanB established Shuchana Shikkha Kendra at Chand Uddan, Beribad, Mohammedpur, Dhaka. SpaandanB runs this center from funds received from local donors. This school has currently 3 grades, from pre-school to grade 2 and attended by about 100 students. Four teachers and one support stuff operate at this school. The school is run in two shifts. Everyday students are provided with light refreshment. Monthly running cost of this center is about Tk21,000.

Shapnadhara Pathshala

Shapnadhara Pathshala has been running since 2006. It is located at Diabari, Mirpur, Dhaka. SpaandanB Austin Chapter partially supports the running cost of this school. About 325 students study at this school in grades ranging from pre-school to grade six. 9 teachers, 1 super-visor and 1 support stuff provide guidance and administrative support. The school is being run in three shifts. SpaandanB provides about Tk10,000 every month.

Spreeha Early Child Development Centers

Since 2013, Spreeha foundation has been running three centers at Mohammedpur, Dhaka. Each center has about 80 students and operated by 3 teachers. Besides education, in these centers students are provided with hygiene materials and light refreshment. SpaandanB works as a local facilitator for these centers and takes care of fund disbursement. Average monthly cost for each center is about Tk27,000.

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