Project Summary

Running since 2007
Total Project budget $24,000

Project Location

Singhora village, Nawabgonj Upozilla, Dhaka District

Project Contacts
U.S. Liaison
Motahar U. Ahmed,
5343 NW Skycrest Parkway,
Portland, OR 97229
Bangladesh Contact
Mr. Delower Hossain
Singhora School Construction Committee.
Mobile: 880-2-01819242152

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Singhora School Development

"A school development project to improve the
infra-structure and quality of education"

A True Story of Proactive Village People - by Motahar Ahmed, Project initiator:

It was never an outstanding or strange idea! Every person in Singhora knew very well that they need a high school; and they needed it badly. It's just they did not know how to establish one. So, they went to someone whom they believed as capable of doing the job. Late Mr. Akhter Hossain Khan, the founding President of Singhora High School, was that man. He fully devoted last few years of his life toward this project and died in the school vicinity while working on it; only forty miles but four long hours apart from his Dhaka residence. After his death, the Headmaster found a poem in a sealed envelope, where Mr. Khan called the school his fourth Child! And yet, the true hero was the people of Singhora, who had emerged truly united despite generation-long feud between two separate factions! This school made it all possible!!Read more...

Project Details

Singhora School Development is a donor initiated project and one good example of how donors can get affiliated with development activities in Bangladesh even living half way around the world. SpaandanB is implementing the following supports in phases-
Phase I : Development of a library building, procurement of books and furniture
Phase II : Scholarships to meritorious students
Phase III : Establishment of a computer laboratory