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Running since: 2014
Budget: $23,000

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Savar-Dhaka, Manikgonj, Mymensingh

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SpaandanB Bangladesh Office,
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Dhaka- 1207

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Media Advocacy on Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Farming

A village woman explaining the process to Mr. Shyke Seraj Composting in process A village woman preparing the compost Farmers busy cultivating the compost bed

"to promote and institutionalize the necessity of vermi-composting towards citizens through hands-on training, distribution, implementation and media advocacy"

To ensure a better, sustainable and healthy life, organic farming is becoming an essential component of modern-day agriculture. One very important ingredient for organic farming is organic fertilizer. Farmers of Bangladesh have been using harmful chemicals to multiple the crops yield but in doing so depleting the natural nutrients from the soil which will eventually pose a greater threat. Vermi-composting is a natural way to create organic fertilizer which has water soluble nutrients and can be an excellent source of nourishment to plants and crops. It has also demonstrated 15%-20% increase in grain production in paddy and vegetable fields when compared to commercial fertilizer. It can also bring about a socio-economic change in farmers life by opening an opportunity of revenue generation by selling the organic fertilizer in local markets.

Having taken this into account, The Department of Development Journalism of Channel-i (Hrodoye Mati O Manush) is embarking upon a massive awareness program. SpaandanB is proud to partner with this capable team, headed by the renowned journalist Mr. Shyke Seraj, and together wants to take part in the "Grow Green" initiative.

Project Details:

SpaandanB and Channel-i have entered into a contract for two years to promote vermi-composting. 20 locations in Manikgonj, 20 locations in Mymensingh and 1 location in Savar have been chosen. Hridoye-Mati-o-Manush team will implement the project in those locations under SpaandanB's sponsorship. After 1 year of follow-up, the technology will be transferred so that the vermi-composting process can be replicated in many other villages. During the initial implementation phase, the success metrics will be determined based on the average yield increase, household income increase and number of other villages adopting the technology.

For further details of the project, please check the Technical Proposal.