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The Victims of Savar Tragedy - getting a jumpstart!

On Wednesday, April 24, Bangladesh was hit by a grave disaster when a nine-storied factory building, called the Rana Plaza, collapsed and trapped thousands of workers! 1127 souls perished and even more got seriously wounded. This incident left a deep crack at the heart of millions, home and abroad. Many came forward with helping hands. SpaandanB started a fund drive for the victims and raised more than $70,000. We divided our effort into different phases -

Our volunteers were at the collapse site from day one and carried out emergency rescue operation. Later on, we provided health support to many injured victims when they were hospitalized. As the injured victims are gradually getting released from different hospitals and returning to their regular life, our rehabilitation program kicks in.

Phase-III: Long Term Rehabilitation Process
Status: Started from July,2013 Targeted Expenditure: 80% of the total budget

SpaandanB takes expansive measures when it comes to rehabilitating an injured. Our volunteers carried out extensive field research to identify real beneficiaries. We assessed there needs and other sources of benefits received to avoid any duplication. Based on the outcome of the investigations, SpaandanB has created a list of beneficiaries. For every beneficiary, we identify an appropriate income generating endeavor. SpaandanB prefers not to hand over cash awards. Instead, we procure necessary materials to jumpstart the income generating activity. From our experience, this approach is an efficient method of guiding one to success, given the limited amount of monetary support. Cash awards often get misused or spent in less profitable means.

We have started giving out rehabilitation package in batches. This is a time consuming process, because we have to make sure that the beneficiary is ready to take on the new venture mentally and physically. The list of victims who received the rehabilitation package so far is given below.

List of Rehabilitated Victims So Far

(last updated on March 17, 2014)

Jahanara Begum Runu

Age: 34 Address: Purbi, Tangibazar, Munshiganj,

Cell: 01745287787 Support: Taka 70,000 for poultry farm

Jahanara Begum suffered from lower body injury. After being hospitalized for three months, now she has returned home. Her right leg is still not fully functional and extended physical therapy is required. Based on her previous experience, SpaandanB is helping her to setup a poultry farm.


Age: 27 Address: Char Durgapur, Singair, Manikgonj

Cell: 01684320756 Support: Taka 60,000 for pharmacy setup

Hredai suffered from back injury and was paralyzed for a time being. Now he has regained some senses and can walk. Based on his prior experience, SpaandanB is helping him to setup a pharmacy store at Savar.

Jewel Rana

Age: 24 Address: Karatipara, Ratan Hat, Naldanga, Jhinaidaha

Cell: 019186213973 Support: Taka 60,000 for small grocery store setup

Jewel Rana was a swing operator at Rana Plaza. He suffered from serious back injury and needs regular medications. With his family of one son, he is living in a dire state. SpaandanB is helping him to setup a small grocery store.

Saiful Islam

Age: 30 Address: Enayetpur, Sirajgonj

Cell: 01729301692 Support: Taka 60,000 for cow rearing

Saiful Islam is another victim of Rana Plaza collapse with serious back and facial injury. After recuperating from his wounds, he has returned to his village home where he has a family of two children. Based on his expertise, SpaandanB is helping him to procure two cows (heifers) for rearing.

Tariqul Islam

Age: 22 Address: Mohonpur, Rajshahi

Cell: 01723606366 Support: Taka 60,000 for cow rearing

Tariqul Islam suffered a fractured femur. After being hospitalizes for a while, he has finally returned home. He does want to be a garments worker anymore and want to finish his Bachelor's degree. SpaandanB is helping him to procure two cows for rearing. His uncle is a veterinary doctor who can come in handy.

Mizanur Rahman

Age: 20 Address: Arapara, Savar, Dhaka

Cell: 01937379252 Support: Taka 80,000 for small grocery store setup

Mizanur Rahman survived even when an entire ceiling collapsed on him. With serious injuries, he spent a long time under hospital care. He is married with a small child. SpaandanB is helping him to setup a small grocery.

Samsul Alam

Age: 20 Address: Banesshor, Manda, Naoga

Cell: 01721799226 Support: Taka 60,000 for cow rearing

Samsul Alam was seriously injured and became paralyzed waist down. Months of treatment yielded little improvement. Using a special waist belt, he can now move on a wheel chair. SpaandanB is helping him to procure two cows for rearing.

Ruzina Akhter

Age: 30 Address: Jhagra, Doulotpur, Manikgonj

Cell: 01718807280 Support: Taka 60,000 for small grocery store setup

Ruzina and her husband Shazu, both used to work for garments industries for 6 years. Ruzina suffered a serious back injury and punctured abdomen.She is still being treated in a hospital. SpaandanB is helping her, along with his husband, by setting up a small grocery store.

Beneficiaries waiting to be rehabilitated

No. Name of Beneficiary Suggested Help Case Report
1 Corona Cow rearing (Tk65,000) Case Study
2 Masuda Cow rearing (Tk60,000) Case Study
3 Maleka Cow rearing (Tk60,000) Case Study
4 Afroza Supplies for grocery store (Tk70,000) Case Study
5 Munsur Ahmed Supplies for grocery store (Tk60,000) Case Study
6 Shahidul Islam Cow rearing (Tk60,000) Case Study
7 Shamima Supplies for grocery store (Tk75,000) Case Study
8 Sabina Akhter Cow rearing (Tk60,000) Case Study
9 Wife of Rafiqul Islam (deceased) Garment store (Tk60,000) Case Study
10 Family of Selim Rana (deceased) Cow rearing (Tk70,000) Case Study
11 khalilurrahman Cow rearing (Tk60,000) Case Study
12 Mobarak Hossen Capital for Machinery Parts store (Tk85,000) Case Study
13 Imdadul Haque Capital for small business (Tk70,000) Case Study
14 wife of Ismail (deceased) Cow rearing (Tk65,000) Case Study
15 Mamota Capital for small business (Tk60,000) Case Study
16 Metu Akter Captital for Sewing store (Tk70,000) Case Study
17 Nurjahan Supplies for grocery store (Tk60,000) Case Study
18 Abdul Halim Capital for small grocery store (Tk60,000) Case Study
19 Ohidul For a freeze, capital for small business and flexi load membership (Tk70,000) Case Study
20 Rafiqul Islam Capital for small grocery store (Tk70,000) Case Study
21 Rejaul Karim Supplies for small store (Tk60,000) Case Study
22 Baki Billah Supplies for small store (Tk60,000) Case Study
23 Hamida Auto-Rickshaw (Tk60,000) Case Study
24 Mofazzal Hossain Additional supplies for a cloth store (Tk60,000) Case Study
25 Momena Cow rearing (Tk65,000) Case Study
26 Moriom Khatun Cow rearing (Tk65,000) Case Study
27 Nasima Begum Supplies for small store (Tk70,000) Case Study
28 Nasir Supplies for small store (Tk60,000) Case Study
29 Nurjahan Small store (Tk60,000) Case Study
30 Rina Cow rearing (Tk60,000) Case Study
31 Rupali Khatun Supplies for small store (Tk70,000) Case Study
32 Shahabuddin Supplies for small store (Tk65,000) Case Study
33 Shipu Rani Tailoring machine (Tk60,000) Case Study
34 Sokia Cow rearing (tk70,000) Case Study
35 Suvo Supplies for small store (Tk65,000) Case Study
36 Taslima Khatun Capital for a Confectionary store (Tk60,000) Case Study
37 Forhad Capital for a computer studio (Tk70,000) Case Study
38 Yeakub Supplies for small store (Tk60,000) Case Study

SpaandanB support for Savar Victims: Updated on Sep 20, 2013

SpaandanB Bangladesh Office, along with its partner organizations (Badhan, SAFE), has participated in the Savar rescue operation from the immediate aftermath of the collapse. SpaandanB Bangladesh office divided the overall help process into different phases. In phase-I, immediate life-saving services have been provided. In phase-II, sustained help are being provided to patients for health comfort. In phase-III, targeted rehabilitation services will be provided for long-term effect. Details of all these phases are provided below -

Phase-I: Immediate Life-Saving Services
Status: completed, Expenditure: Taka 5,37,626 (Approximately $7,000) (10% of total budget)

  • In consultation with doctors at Enam Medical College, surgical instruments were provided to the authority of Enam Hospital for immediate surgery on 50 patients. The following instruments have been procured-
    • DCP with screw for radias and ulna- 10 piece
    • DCP with screw for tibia- 5 piece,
    • DCP for humerus with screw- 5 piece,
    • DSH with screw- 2 piece,
    • interlocking nail with screw - 2 pieces
    Experience Bangladesh office in Bangladesh coordinated the supply lists from Enam hospital. (Total expense Taka 46,500)
  • SpaandanB officials and Badhan volunteers visited all the Savar victims who got admitted into Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Savar CMH and Pongu Hospital and created a list with mobile numbers for constant contact. Emergency help kits, containing high-nutrient food and change of clothes, have been provided to 182 patients. (Total expense Taka 2,21,759)
  • We supplied 20 coffins for proper burial of the unfortunate fallen victims. They were handed over to the ADC General of Dhaka District, Head of Control Room for Savar victims. (Total Expense Taka 35,200)
  • SpaandanB partnered with SAFE in carrying out the emergency rescue work at Savar during the first week of the effort. SpaandanB supported the expenditure for procuring various rescue materials (i.e. Oxygen Cylinder, Safety Mask, Gloves, First Aid materials etc). (Total expenses Taka 2,34,167 Receipt ).

Phase-II: Short term health support to alleviate immediate sufferings
Status: Completed, Expenditure: Taka 3,69,596

  • In this phase, SpaandanB continued to provide emergency health support to Savar victims in "Pangu" Hospital and "Sharawrdi" hospital. In consultation with Prof. KH Awal, Director of National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (NITOR), created a food supplement package (contains 1 egg, 2pcs bread, 500 gm Milk, 2 litre pure drinking water, 1 banana and 1 lemon). These packages were distributed to 120 pre-identified patients to start with. As patients came around and leave the hospitals, number of benificiaries gradually decreased. This way we provided a total of 4602 food packages.
  • SpaandanB officials, with the help of Badhan volunteers, are conducting detailed survey of the patients to identify their medical and financial situation. This includes family background checking and verification of possibility of receiving help from other sources. The correctness of this database will be instrumental in determining the exact nature of the future rehabilitation process, which will vary case by case.
  • SpaandanB is under discussion with SAFE for possible partnership during rehabilitation process.