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Last Updated : Dec 18, 2014

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Project Warmth 2014

A little warmth for the little ones of SpaandanB Slum School Circle of Friends A little warmth can help them ride out the cold

With your generous help, SpaandanB has provided 2500 blankets to cold stricken disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. We started the drive to collect fund for this project in late November of 2014, before the onset of the harsh winter. In very short time we raised more than $6,000. SpaandanB Bangladesh office, teamed up with volunteers from Badhan and other individuals, procured blankets from local market. We purchased two sizes of the blankets, large ones for about $3.50 a piece and small ones for about $2.00 a piece. The small ones are primarily targeted for kids. Our volunteers travelled to distant Northern part of Bangladesh where the bite of the cold is the harshest and identified deserving candidates and distributed the blankets. Students of SpaandanB slum schools are also provided with blankets. On behalf of SpaandanB, we like to extend our heartiest gratitude to our donors for making this possible.

Please look at Photo Gallery for pictures of the distribution process.

The following tables summarizes the distribution details -

Project Warmth Original Appeal

Every year, during the winter season, gripping cold strikes the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. It is an irony that being the second largest ready-made garments producer of the world, Bangladesh still has people who can not afford to have good warm cloths to ride out the winter. The ones who are living out on the streets or in the slums, especially the little ones and the elderlies, take the brunt of the cold. Impoverished people in the Northern part of Bangladesh suffer miserably throughout the cold.

Like every year, this year also SpaandanB has started a campaign to collect funds to provide blankets to the cold-stricken people. For only $4, we can provide a good quality blanket to a disadvantaged person. A blanket can be shared by multiple members of the family and can become an important thing to fight against the cold winter. We will procure the blankets from local market and distribute before the harsh winter sets in. Each blanket will cost about Tk300 including the cost of distribution.

We are urging all our donors and supporters to step forward and donate for this worthy cause. Only few dollars can make a world of difference!

How Can You Help :

You can donate online using your PayPal account or Credit Card
You can mail a check payable to SpaandanB at -
SpaandanB, P.O. Box 64183, Sunnyvale, CA 94088 U.S.A.
write "Warmth 2014" in the memo section

In Bangladesh :

If you want to donate in Bangladesh, you can send your donation to -
United Commercial Bank Limited, Mohammadpur Branch, 14/12 Block, A, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Account No: CA 0050-111-00023401

or you can contact SpaandanB officials at
Masih-ur Rahman, Country Director, 880-1713385398
Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed, Deputy Country Director, 880-1711824701
Mostafizur Rahman, Project Co-ordinator, 880-1713036360

Due to the time critical nature of this project, SpaandanB Bangladesh Office has already started the procurement using its own funds. The collection from your kind donation will replenish that fund in due time.